INCINERATOR: When will he break silence?

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I would suggest to Mr Brewis the majority of people in Sutton Bridge are wondering when he will break his silence on the incinerator as he seems to have been afflicted with a severe case of selective memory.

When we were both on the Development Control Committee in 2007, he didn’t seem to have any problems voicing his opinions about the traveller sites at Sutton Bridge and Long Sutton. We ran a campaign opposing the sites .He used words such as: “I have a number of serious concerns” and: “I share the concerns of local people.”

I know it is six years ago, but maybe this gentle reminder is bringing it all flooding back? The key question is – does this mean he has a closed mind? No is the simple answer!

So I can assure him that my memory is crystal clear, unlike his own!

Craig Jackson

Chairman of Bridge Against the Incinerator