INCINERATOR: Villagers’ quality of life would suffer

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In his letter of January 5 Mr Brandon-King continues to lobby for the PREL so-called “Green Energy Park”.

He asks if 12 more chimneys will spoil the sky line more than the existing two chimneys from the gas-fired power station. It seems that the vast majority of residents think that they will be an additional eyesore.

In a properly monitored parish poll at Sutton Bridge 94 per cent of the votes cast were against the construction of the electricity-producing biomass gasifier or incinerator.

It is perhaps relevant he lives in a part of the village that will be least visually affected by the plant.

Mr Brandon-King questions the carcinogenic health effects of PM1s and PM2.5s and disputes that they travel over a 20 mile radius. The World Health Organisation lists the harmful health effects of inhalation of these minute particles as including increased risk of lung cancer, asthma, pulmonary and heart disease.

The report specifically warns that these airborn particles can exist in the atmosphere for up to six days and can travel distances of up to 3,000km. It appears that far from scaremongering previous letter writer K Mills understated the health concerns which are based on well established research findings.

While Mr Brandon-King may be willing to support the PREL project because of the £250,000-a-year grant to community projects other residents are not willing to see their own and future generations’ quality of life suffer. We do not want to see our village turned in to a dumping ground for unwanted projects, nor will we allow the existence of the EDF power station to be used as a “Trojan Horse” to justify unsuitable industrial development.

Brian Collins-McDougall

New Road

Sutton Bridge