INCINERATOR Village speaks with one voice

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What a shame the cheerleaders for the proposed incinerator at Sutton Bridge are using that same tired old argument of those on the losing side of a vote by suggesting that it is not representative.

They do not seem to grasp the concept of democracy. The only votes that count are the ones that are cast. With the incinerator poll there was a 14.2 per cent turnout and the result was not even close. The uncomfortable truth for the pro camp is that 94 per cent voted ‘no’ and only six per cent ‘yes’. That is an overwhelming vote against the incinerator by any measure!

PREL has spent tens of thousands marketing the incinerator. However, despite this David and Goliath battle against a multi-million pound company, people living in Sutton Bridge still said ‘no’.

Let’s put that result into context. The Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner poll was a 15 per cent turnout. In Parliamentary By-Elections and Parish/District polls the turnout can be as low as ten per cent, but averages 20-30 per cent. In General Elections the overall turnout is only between 50-65 per cent. In all cases it is sufficient for them to take their seat. That’s democracy.

In all of these other elections campaigns run for four to six weeks and they have polling cards, postal votes, and polling stations are open for 14 hours. For the incinerator poll it was a two-week campaign, no polling cards, no postal votes, the polls were only open for five hours and it was in the middle of December on a cold, dark night.

If that is not enough of a ‘no’ they should note that nearly 1,000 people living in Sutton Bridge have signed the petition against the incinerator. That is nearly a third of the electorate. Sutton Bridge is speaking with one voice and says ‘no’ to the incinerator.

Craig Jackson

Chairman of Bridge Against The Incinerator