INCINERATOR: This is no laughing matter

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I would point out to Alan Barber that the incinerator issue is no cause for amusement. It could be a matter of life and death.

I suggest he looks at where he will find a full statement of the issues which the majority on the parish council consistently fail to address or put before the residents.

If one local person got a job out of the incinerator proposals that would have to be weighed against all these issues.

Why didn’t the “hundreds of applications for jobs” at the proposed incinerator come out to vote for it?

Perhaps the only thing that residents will easily be able to understand is that the “energy park” is supposed to be capable of handling 350,000 tons of waste material a year. By PREL’s own calculations this means that there will be 80 HGV deliveries a day between 7am and 7pm. That’s one delivery every nine minutes.

With traffic hold-ups, bridge closures, and holiday and rush-hour traffic, there is likely to be gridlock, not to mention the increased noise and pollution. And the HGVs will not all go round the by-pass; unless an HGV ban is applied on Bridge Road there will be an increase of heavy traffic through the village.

Colin Blundell

Sutton Bridge