INCINERATOR: There was no intimidation

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Mr Barber claims that there was a complaint about intimidation at the incinerator poll.

As far as we are aware only one unfounded complaint was made by a well-known supporter of the incinerator.

He seemed to take exception to the fact that after voting, local people were queuing up to sign the petition against the incinerator.

It was he who decided to initiate a heated debate with one of our members, claiming that we didn’t know what we were talking about.

As he discovered, our member was very well informed on the facts and as his own case did not stack up went off in a huff and made what can only be described as a very spurious complaint.

The 400-plus people that freely signed the petition on the evening obviously did not feel intimidated and were thanking us for the campaign.

If you haven’t already signed the petition you can still do so. Our team is knocking on doors collecting signatures or you can sign it at the post office, Bridge Stores, pubs and hairdressers in the town.

Bernie Titmarsh

Sutton Bridge