INCINERATOR: Rules about an open mind

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Cllr Brewis seems not to have bothered to notice the Localism Act (November 2011).

It seems that it is now proper and acceptable for all councillors to play an active part in local discussions and they will not be open to legal challenge when they do express opinions.

It’s no longer the case that councillors need to conceal their intentions in order to maintain the facade of neutrality.

The Act says: “This will help them better represent their constituents and enrich local democratic debate.”

I think we deserve to know how we are going to be represented over the proposed incinerator/gasifier.

The last we heard from Coun Brewis on this issue was in a report dated March 16 2009 in the Spalding Guardian: “Residents and community groups were asked what benefits they would like to see as a result of the PREL development.

“Cllr Brewis said the facility was an exciting prospect and added: ‘The principle of us using our landfill waste and getting more energy from waste and recycling materials has got to be a good one.

‘I would be very surprised if there aren’t more moves all over the country to do this kind of thing. It’s a very interesting idea. It’s an exciting prospect if it meets all the criteria...’

Does Councillor Brewis now think it meets all the criteria, whatever he thinks they might be?

Is it still an exciting prospect for him? We are surely entitled to know. A lot of people in Sutton Bridge do not find it an exciting prospect.

Colin Blundell