INCINERATOR: Discussion was complete shambles

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I thought the quality of Sutton Bridge’s so-called discussions was pretty dire until I witnessed this apology for a discussion.

Watch out Sutton Bridge – the incinerator has been “discussed” by South Holland District Council!

At the end of the planning committee meeting on April 17 chairman Roger Gambba-Jones said that the discussion was of a high quality. From where I, as a member of the public, was sitting, the so-called discussion was a complete shambles.

The councillors did not seem to know what was going on; they failed to address the real issues; they had not done their homework; the so-called planners were able to push things through in order to get their way and meet their deadline of 8.30pm with the aid of a very biased chair.

The few councillors who pointed out the impossible complexity of the considerations, especially Coun Rudkin, were put down by the chair lest they infect the whole committee with their doubt and therefore delay things further.

The issue before the committee was a matter of life and death for the inhabitants of Sutton Bridge and surrounding areas.

It was treated so offhandedly by all concerned that one has to doubt the qualifications of any present for coming to a rational conclusion.

Colin Blundell

Sutton Bridge