IMMIGRATION: The only solution is leave the EU

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With reference to the influx of immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria in 2014.

It appears that the British Government has suddenly woken up to the threat of thousands of Romanians and Bulgarians taking advantage of our benefit system, which is seven to ten times more than they would get in their home country.

Added to this, claims will be made for any dependants who remain living in their own country.

Feverish proposals are being put forward to try and find a solution, but as usual they are being thwarted by the EU.

It would be possible to introduce rules, which state that claimants must have lived in the UK for at least a year.

This has been introduced in certain parts of Europe with success.

As for the UK Government choosing to opt out of certain EU rules, I believe this is ‘pie in the sky’ thinking. The only solution to all the various problems is to leave the EU.

I think John Hayes is doing great work locally, but I think the local electorate should let him know the feelings of his constituency. I do not include him in the Government failings as he has spoken up before.

The main problem now is that the Government cannot be believed.

B Duffy