IMMIGRATION: Tar brushing as substitute for the facts

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Bravo Carolina Gruchlik for clarifying some of the facts about World War Two (Guardian, January 3).

Britain played a commendable part in that war, and the generation that did it deserves all praise; but that is no excuse for the chauvinism that denies or belittles the part played by others.

Britain was on the winning side, but Lee Spruce’s contention that it was “us British” that won the war, “with help from” various others, suggests a ludicrous ignorance of the facts of the war.

Rather than spell it out here, I suggest that he goes away, has a good read, and gets a sense of proportion.

In having a go at the foreign immigrants, John Dexter and Lee Spruce both warned us of the dangerous state of Spalding town centre at night.

For the past several years I’ve walked through and about the town centre typically three or four times a week, on various days and at various times of evening and late evening. In other words, hundreds of times over the period. Possibly I’ve missed some unpleasant occasion, but given their descriptions, I’d have thought I might have noticed some of the extreme circumstances they want me to believe.

Instead, I tend to reflect on how quiet (and rather dull) it usually is. Legitimate complaints are fair enough, but don’t let’s accept tar-brushing as a substitute for facts.

John Tippler

Pinchbeck Road