IMMIGRATION: Slagging off own society

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Immigration. And so the debate goes on. A country totally up its own backside over race and immigration.

I never cease to be amazed by members of our own community who crawl out of the woodwork to slag off their own society.

“Local food production couldn’t function without this immigration,” they say. Really? It was doing okay before this mass influx, with unemployment running at about two per cent.

This country has been failed by a generation of politicians and media who have shown the backbone of a single jellied eel in dealing with these issues.

It is the ordinary man and woman in this country who have had to pick up the bill and continue to do so for the collapse of communism in the former Soviet Union and its satellite states.

Some of your commentators have mentioned history and our debt to Poland and World War Two. Is this the same Poland who in 1934 signed a ten-year non-aggression treaty with Hitler and was then only too keen to grab the Teschen area on the breakup of Czechoslovakia?

They signed a pact with the devil and paid a heavy price and so did we. Now up to 50,000 children living in Poland can claim child benefit without living in the United Kingdom.

Send the bill over to Moscow.

On top of this we have a government who won’t tell us the expected levels of the Bulgarian/Romanian newcomers incase it causes alarm.

Rick Stringer

Sutton St James