IMMIGRATION: Our teens are the problem

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On reading Mr Everitt’s reasons for the upcoming anti-immigration march in Spalding, which are opinions I know are held by many people in Spalding and the local area, I felt the need to write. One point in particular was the conduct of immigrants in Spalding at night – public drinking, loitering and littering to name a few.

While I have experienced intimidation in the town centre after dark, it has always been by native English people. I have been approached, harassed and even asked for alcohol and cigarettes by (mostly drunk) underage British teenagers. In fact, in my few dealings with the immigrant population they have been nothing but polite and courteous. It is a marked difference, and I feel that it is a mistake to scapegoat the immigrant population for a social problem far more prevalent among native teens. Unfortunately it seems it is always easier to deal with the enemy outside than within.

While the marchers have every right to protest, they are not protesting the true causes behind their honest grievances – primarily the recession and our own social attitudes.

Flora Wheeler