IMMIGRATION MARCH: They are just as powerless as you are

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It was with a deep sense of sadness that I read of the plans for an anti-migrantion march in Spalding in April.

Sadness because while I am fiercely proud of being English, part of that pride stems from the tolerance and compassion that this country has shown over the centuries to migrants from all over the world – whether they have come here for economic reasons or to escape political or religious persecution at home. We should celebrate this inclusive tolerance.

While I sympathize completely with Mr Everitt’s point about the lack of jobs, I felt sad that he should pick as his scapegoat Eastern European migrants (who are surely as powerless as he is), while ignoring the more obvious causes of a lack of jobs – the banking crisis, the understandable reluctance of British firms to invest and the disastrous policies of the current government.

My grandfather used to reminisce about Cable Street in the 1930s when Mosley’s blackshirts tried to march through the East End. My grandfather used to say that whenever fascists take to the streets, it is the time for all good people to turn up and make a stand.

David Wheeler

Shearers Drive