Immigration isn’t a matter that can be right or wrong

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Labour leader Ed Miliband’s recent speech where he claims “Labour in government were wrong over immigration” is cheap political point scoring that not only panders to bigoted nationalist sentiment but fully exposes Labour in opposition today have no real coherent alternative policies to the Tory-led coalition.

As a result, with Tory economic policy in a shambles, the wretched situation now exists where many leading Tories, particularly throughout the shires, are now demanding an apology for supposedly being right all along over immigration, perpetuating the myth that immigration is a political issue on its own.

No capitalist government can ever get immigration right because immigration, like the weather, isn’t a matter that can be right or wrong.

Despite all the populist talk of nation states, patriotism and cultural identity, global capitalism in its lust for profits doesn’t recognise any of these features so migration of the world’s population is a naturally occurring economic phenomenon according to the supply of resources and the demand for labour.

Mr Miliband along with, of course, Lincolnshire’s local Labour activists, would do better to develop an alternative economic strategy to the Tories and then try to score genuine political points with that instead. Until then it doesn’t matter how bad or discredited the coalition are or become because each time Labour attacks the Tories over any main issue it will merely turn to froth.

Nick Vinehill

Spalding employee