IMMIGRATION: I shall join the protest march

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In response to Mr Wheeler’s letter regarding the proposed anti-immigration march in Spalding during April.

First may I suggest,we leave the past where it belongs and talk of today and the future of this country.

Mr Wheeler states the government and its policies are responsible for the problems we are experiencing. Let’s get the facts right – 13 years of mismanagement by Labour created these problems.

It introduced a mass immigration system which I believe the country never needed nor wanted.

But let us get to the point of this letter – the march. The march is not against immigrants but against political parties which will not set practical and enforceable controls.

With the amount of immigration we have had and human nature being what it is, the migrants will congregate by race, slowly forming separate communities with their own culture being dominant – this is not integration but separation, an extremely dangerous situation for society.

The infrastructural services of this country cannot cope. Many parts of the country are suffering from over crowded schools, local medical services are failing to cope, the welfare budget is out of control and the police can barely maintain law.

In 2014 both Romania and Bulgaria will become full members of the EU and therefore be entitled to enter the UK and as we have the easiest benefits system in Europe many will head this way.

The Government has set no control on the numbers and therefore the last resort of the public who do care, is to march and say this is not want we want for our country.

Mr Wheeler has the right to his opinion but what I found distasteful was his mentioning the Mosley Blackshirts and therefore by inference that the marchers are fascists.

All being well I shall be marching in Spalding and I should hope Mr Wheeler shows me the same tolerance which you appear to show all immigrants.

PJ Wiseman