IMMIGRATION: How long do we have to put up with this?

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I take very strong exception to the attitude displayed by Mr Wheeler in January 24’s Spalding Guardian.

He is preaching tolerance towards eastern European migrants in the face of illegal fishing, slaughtering of swans, drink driving and a miriad of traffic offences, all reported in your papers. On top of which there are shops in Boston with “No English” signs in the windoes.

How much longer do we have to put up with this kind of bahaviour – we can be tolerant without being forced to suffer uncouth and illegal behaviour from people coming to our country.

Mr Wheeler sings the praises of tolerance but in the same breath he likens the anti-migrant workers to Oswald Mosley’s black shirts of 80 years ago, so what happened to his own tolerance – a trifle one-sided I think. Also, he displays a disregard for free speech and democracy.

I seem to remember that we went to ware because Poland was invaded in 1939, and now due to an EU directive they are coming over to England and stretching our infrastructure to the limit – a fine gesture of gratitude.

But let us all be very tolerant and wait in eager anticipation for the next two countries to empty their populations on our shores.

RW Morris

Redmile Lane