IMMIGRATION: Conditions have changed forever

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A lot of people don’t feel safe in Spalding. The social conditions in Lincolnshire have been permanently and adversely affected by the uncontrolled influx of immigrants and this can’t now be reversed.

Incidentally, to those people who have written to the local press saying that Eastern Europeans won world war two for us, get your facts right. Most of them fought with the Nazis against the Russians. Try visiting the Menin gate in Ypres, where each day the Belgians play the last post in respectful memory of our World War One war dead, and Tyne Cot cemetery, where there are so many graves there is a perspective effect when you view the many gravestones.

And after you’ve done that, stop knocking your own countrymen. The most abused race in Britain is the English, thanks to our PC friends.

The reason why Britain has had this mass immigration is because our social welfare conditions are second only to Luxembourg, said to have the most generous system in Europe (that’s according to the OECD – not everybody agrees we’re that good).

But couple our welfare conditions with the Blair government not applying the seven year transitional option and you can see why immigrants have made the UK their destination of choice.

I don’t blame them for this. I would do the same given their circumstances. However, there has been a marked increase in anti-social behaviour in the town, most, but not all of it, attributable to Eastern Europeans.

Did anybody notice the Portuguese creating anti-social problems? I certainly didn’t.

Yes, most Eastern Europeans are good workers, and no trouble. It’s the deadbeats, be they from the Baltic states or our own home grown variety, that bother me. There’s enough of them to be a real problem.

I know that there are an appreciable number of our women who feel intimidated by these idiots.

There has also been an increase in random assaults on men. I notice too, that their idiots are learning off our idiots and vice versa.

It’s as if there exists the credo: “If they can get away with it then so can we.”

The whole scenario affects the quality of every decent person’s life. In practical terms, what can be done?

It’s a problem created by central governments, both Blair and the current bunch of clowns.

Meanwhile, it seems we are being encouraged as citizens to intervene when we see a problem. Don’t, you will be risking serious physical injury.

There are approximately 1,000 police officers to police the 2000 square miles that is Lincolnshire, and the number of officers is to be reduced. So don’t expect to see an improvement any time soon.

My advice is to avoid the town on Friday and Saturday nights, but if you must come out and stop late, taxi back home.

John Dexter