IMMIGRATION: Are things really so bad here?

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I must complain about your headline in last week’s Guardian – ‘Secret talks for anti-race hate supporters’.

Are you seriously suggesting that things are so bad in Spalding regarding democracy, that right-wing fascists are able to disrupt and now prevent free speech in our town? Does the spokesman, whose views you give serious credence to, seriously imagine he and his followers are under such a hateful threat they can only hold meetings in secret?

My name is David Turp, I live at 24 Wimberley Way. I am a free-thinker, anti-fascist, and non-racist. If anyone would like to call on me and discuss with me my views they will be most welcome to do so. If any offer me violence for holding sincere views they will, not only, be tackling the Plymouth command boxing finalist (Royal Navy, 1963), they will breaking the law.

Please do not give credence to people who want to organise groups and then pretend that they are being bullied by society, without publishing their real aims and political agenda. Hope not Hate sounds just like such a group. I’m cynical enough to believe that where there is a disguised political agenda, there’s usually a whooping great lie.

David Turp


EDITOR: Hope Not Hate is a reasonably well-known political organisation which had previously announced it was meeting in Spalding. It was only right we followed up on this and explained the reasons it gave for holding the meeting in secret.