IMMIGRATION: A warning from UKIP

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Once again Government sources are playing down the numbers of possible migrants from Bulgaria and Romania following the seven-year period of restrictions since they joined the EU.

In 2004 they predicted 13,000 migrants per year from the ten new member states which joined the EU that year. That has become more like 200,000 per year.

As from January 1, 2014 we must allow any of those people to come for work whether they have a job offer or not.

In addition, people from Romania and Bulgaria must be given priority over workers from non-EU countries for any jobs which are available.

Potentially, that could deny work for people from our own Commonwealth who, one might think, have more claim on us.

It is also discrimination, which is against the Lisbon Treaty, but don’t expect the Commission to worry about that.

Derek Clark

East Midlands UKIP MEP