If you did your best in exams then be proud

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Thought For THe Week

August is the month when our children and young people spend time away from school and college.

For some it will be a time of playing and enjoying themselves. For those who have reached the end of year six it will be a time of change as they move to a new school.

It will also be a time of apprehension as our senior pupils wait for the results of their exams. Parents and tutors have expectations and hope that our young people are able to achieve their goals.

We are all individuals and all achieve in different areas. It wouldn’t do for us all to be good at the same thing and we are each called to use our expertise no matter what age.

Let us think of Noah and the task he was called to do. He was of mature years when he was asked by God to build the ark. He just got on with it and it wasn’t even raining at the beginning of the project.

Remember, we don’t have to rush around, the snails and tortoises caught the ark alongside the cheetahs. We all need to be valued for our skills – remember Noah was an amateur building an ark and it was experts that built the Titanic and we know what happened to that!

To our young ones, enjoy the holiday and if you did your best in the exams be proud of your results and even prouder of all the hard work that you put in to achieve the goal.

Barbara Hutchinson

Whaplode Parish Church