If we’re not to have regular rubbish collections, how about reducing our council tax?

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First of all, I am not against bank holidays, in fact I think we should have more.

My rage is, living in Deeping St Nicholas, our weekly rubbish collection is on Mondays. However, whenever there is a bank holiday (which nine times out of ten falls on a Monday) our rubbish is not collected that week. Neither is it collected in Pinchbeck and some other areas in South Holland.

We therefore have to wait until the following Monday.

In the good old days (last year) we used to have a collection the Saturday before the Monday Bank Holiday.

This service is not now available to villages where they usually have their collection on a Monday, which means that we have to wait two weeks for a collection, or take the rubbish to the local tip.

I feel that we are not being treated fairly.

Our district council worked religiously to keep our weekly collection – in fact many of the councillors who stood for re-election stated that weekly collection would remain.

Maybe it would be a good idea if the council reduced the rates for people living in villages who are not having the rubbish collected because of a Bank Holiday.

This would help with the cost of fuel going to the tip. I am sure council leader Porter would not like it if his rubbish was not collected every week.

Delia Williams

Deeping St Nicholas