If the Brits want a referendum on Europe then they should have one

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I’m annoyed by Richard Carey’s letter (Spalding Guardian November 10): ‘Hayes puts British interests first.’

What possible evidence, other than a vague party political assertion, can he offer for such a sycophantic opinion?

Mr Hayes is an ambitious politician and like many of his kind, most empirical evidence suggests, he puts himself first.

Also, I challenge anyone who says that our MP has ‘forceful and clear’ views on Europe.

Mr Hayes announces (Free Press November 1) he is ‘eurosceptic’ and ‘wants to repatriate the powers lost to the European union.’

If that is the case then please tell us, Richard or better still, Mr Hayes, how can that be done when the doctrine at the heart of the EU specifies in clear terms that no power once conceded by the nation state to EU Government in Brussels can ever be returned?

Let me advise Mr Hayes and all his supporters, that if the British people demand a referendum on continued membership of the EU then they should have one.

Either we have more Britain in Europe, not less shaping its future, or we get out and shape our own future.

Come on Mr Hayes, if you espouse true ‘Eurosceptism’ then what you should be saying is let’s get out of the way and let the EU go its own way.

Don’t fudge because we do not need to be patronised on this issue.

I finally wish to add; ‘Eurosceptics’ should seriously remember a lot is at stake, especially for those who would seek to deny the British people its right to a democracy.

david turp

Wimberley Way