If strong action is not taken, our town will disappear into the abyss

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I have signed your online petition regarding anti-social behaviour.

After retirement, my wife and I moved to Spalding in April this year.

I remembered Spalding from the late 90s as a good, safe place to live, and a nice option for a place to retire to. 

Well, we have appeared to have made the worst decision of our lives.

We made one foray at night into the town and won’t do it again.

It is a very intimidating place at night. The drunkenness and behaviour like spitting, and urinating in the street, made me feel sick.

 To make things worse we now have had  Eastern European neighbours move in next door who are the family from hell, with late night parties, drunkenness and fighting in the street outside.

 Saturday night is the worst and apparently we have only three police vehicles to keep the peace in Spalding and surrounding areas. Madness!

 I have written to Mr Hayes MP for further advice. As I have said to our MP, if strong action is not taken now in dealing with anti-social behaviour in general, Spalding will disappear into the abyss and will not reappear again.