If field gets swallowed under concrete those responsible will never be forgiven

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Like many people in Spalding, I feel that building anything on the Sir Halley Stewart Field is completely wrong.

This field is supposed to have been left in trust for the people of the town to use for leisure. It isn’t the council’s to sell, or am I wrong in that assumption?

Do we really need another development of faceless retail ‘sheds’, which is certainly what would be built if development went ahead? I don’t think so.

I do agree that Spalding United need a proper, modern ground, and a new one on the edge of town with modern facilities, car parking and access is exactly what is required.

I’ve always thought that the Halley Stewart has been wasted by being used only for football. Its location in the town centre deserves much greater inclusion of the people of Spalding.

In my opinion the best use of the field would be to knock down the walls on King’s Road and Winfrey Avenue and open it up as a public park with footpaths, borders, lawns and trees just like the parks that most towns have.

It should be made an open and attractive place to wander around and relax in. That way everyone could enjoy it and visitors would see an attractive feature rather than oppressive walls.

The council probably want to make money out of this valuable asset, and in doing so risk robbing the town of this irreplaceable space forever. If it gets swallowed up underneath concrete, it’ll be gone forever and those responsible will never be forgiven.

Justin Dearnley

Wedgewood Drive