If county is so confident then let it fund the whole project

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I am afraid Mr Brown (Marina letter, February 2 Lincolnshire Free Press) misunderstands the widespread concerns expressed in Sutton Bridge.

The current proposal envisages parking divorced from the proposal, and directly opposite a much used transport yard entrance – leading to conflicts and possible problems.

The proponent who addressed the parish council admitted that a 68-berth marine was probably unviable – and he was speaking in favour.

Parking on the sea defences is unwise. If, as is likely, defences have to be raised shortly (isostatic rebound has dropped the land by about four inches since 1979, and is still, not surprisingly, ongoing for the next millennium), the parking will no longer exist, and vehicles will park on a roadway heavily used by HGVs using the yard and the adjacent port.

There remain serious concerns about whether the organisation behind the scheme (not Lincolnshire County Council) is “fit for purpose”, and whether the funding arrangements in place using public and power station monies have even been arrived at in accordance with regulations, currently being looked at by Legal Services.

I can think of dozens of schemes (but the public should decide) which will benefit Sutton Bridge and area a lot more than this ill-conceived idea which will swallow up hundreds of thousands of pounds.

If Mr Brown is so confident, let the County fund the whole project out of its capital fund, and take the ensuing enormous risk.

Indeed, has any risk assessment whatsoever been undertaken?

Coun Chris Brewis

Sutton Bridge and

Wingland (district),

Sutton Elloe (county)