I would do exactly the same thing again

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I wholeheartedly agree with Mr Turk’s call for people to vote in the Police Commissioner elections and am pleased that following a recent discussion I had with him he was impressed.

Mr Turk refers to the manner of my departure from Lincolnshire County Council but for clarity the timeline is not quite correct.

In 2001 I called in KPMG who issued the damning report into the behaviour of certain members of the council.

I also called the police into the council in 2002 and gave compelling evidence in the trial in which the leader Coun Speechley was convicted of corruption in 2004.

It was after I had stood my ground and seen it through to a conviction that I was forced out of the council by the new leader Coun Croft.

Any employee regardless of whether they work in the private or public sector can sue their employer when they lose their job for exposing corruption or other matters in the public interest.

As a result of his action against me Cllr Croft received an 18 month ban from being a councillor.

It is a disgrace that such politicians should be able to use council tax payers funds for such acts of political spite.

I could have taken the easy option and kept quiet about what was going on in the council, like so many others.

I did not. I did what was the proper thing to do regardless of the financial and personal consequences to myself and my family.

One thing I can assure the voters of Lincolnshire is that I would do exactly the same again.

Those who use their positions of power for personal gain have brought politics into disrepute.

And that’s one of the reasons I am standing.

David Bowles

Police Commissioner candidate

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