I was injured in supermarket by OAP on a mobility scooter

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At 12.15pm today (July 17) I was standing behind an elderly lady on a mobility scooter at a checkout counter in Sainsburys.

She only had a few items on the counter, so I placed mine behind hers and waited for the remainder of hers to go through.

All of a sudden I felt a jarring pain in my left ankle. She had reversed this mobility scooter and made contact with my ankle with the stabilizer.

I jumped back and was nearly run over by her reversing.

I assumed that when her goods were paid for she would go forward, hence standing behind her so other customers could place there items on the belt.

She said she wanted to reverse. I informed her I did not hear her.

She knew she had injured me. I eventually let her reverse into the shopping area. She went down one of the aisles and disappeared for about ten minutes, leaving customers waiting to pay for goods.

When she returned she placed five more items to pay for. I did not even get an apology for the injury I incurred or for holding up the queue. She then had a conversation with the cashier for five minutes. I hope this elderly lady will be able to read this.

I work with the elderly. I also live with the elderly and I know these mobility scooters are supposed to have a reversing beeper to which this vehicle did not have. Otherwise I would have heard it.

When is it going to be made law that these scooters are registered and licenced?

The elderly should have to take a test every so often to show they are capable of driving within public places.

If I happen to hit or injure her with my car I would have the heavy hand of the law against me and, I am sure, have an injury claim against me.

John Bishop