I understand why people cycle on pavements

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I feel reasonably well qualified to comment having commuted from Long Sutton to Spading for nearly two years by cycle, a daily round trip of almost 30 miles. Last year commuting 6,800 miles out of a total 8,600 miles.

I am all for action against offenders where its needed. Cyclists on busy pavements in the town centre annoy me nearly as much as the texting motorists who try to run me down on the daily ride to and from work.

I try not cycle on pavements, though I will confess to using the one beside the A17 near Gedney for about 300 yards, I would probably be dead by now if I was to use that bit of the A17 near the dual carriageway, just another forgotten accident statistic.

Also, I seldom use the cycle paths; the speed I cycle at (15mph plus) they are just not a safe, nor a comfortable place to be. Most of the cycle paths in and around Spalding are a joke and not really fit for any serious purpose.

I mostly take my chance on the roads and so far have been lucky having had maybe, only half a dozen near misses in the last year! I would say the general state of driving locally is abysmal, bordering on criminal, at times.

I can understand why some choose to cycle on the pavements, they are in fear for their lives, as I sometimes am.

Some though cycle on the paths because they could not care less.

I suspect, if those who complain about incidents of cycling on the pavement were asked, it was probably some selfish lout weaving through pedestrians on a busy afternoon in town that is the cause of their complaint.

At 5.30 in the morning these complainants are, probably tucked up in their beds; oblivious to the poor workers finishing their shift and cycling home or on their way to work, on an otherwise empty pavement, and hurting no-one. These people are not ‘selfish’ just trying to preserve their lives.

Why are the police persecuting them contrary to Home Office advice? And not going after the real problem, is probably because the easy option of a ‘dawn raid’ at shift change on an empty path is easier than catching the lout mid morning or afternoon in town, and it gives a quick result to make a nice headline, so the complainants read about something being done. Oh and maybe to raise some extra cash?

Could someone ask the Inspector why the police are ignoring home office advice and issuing FPNs to cyclists who are harming no-one, when a verbal warning is probably all that is required.

I also read in the Guardian that Holbeach Parish Council wants to jump onto the same bandwagon.

They talk about the safety of children and the elderly, yet want to go looking for cyclist at dawn, a time when I think most children and elderly would be safely in their beds.

I wonder what time of day Coun Savory was ‘nearly hit’ by a cyclist on the pavement.

I would be very surprised if it was as the sun was coming up.

However, before he gets the police to start persecuting cyclists in Holbeach maybe he should do something about the cars that park on the cycle path on Fleet Road. I don’t think anyone has been able use it as a cycle path since it was put there.Looks like a very long parking bay to me.

Shame on you and the other councillors.

Bob Hellen

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