I think John deserves the chance to write an uplifting Straight Talk

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I used to live in Spalding but have family still in town so I take an interest in local events via the Spalding Guardian and the Lincolnshire Free Press so feel entitled to comment.

Once again it was nice to read another amusing but thought-provoking letter from John Ward, of Moulton Seas End, and his battle as it were with trying to get some sense out of Mr Garvie and his Walter Mitty ideas for Spalding.

Last year provided many laughter moments with Mr Garvie’s plans and daydreams which never really added up but Mr Ward’s replies in the press to his flights of whimsy were worth a jolly read.

It was only recently that I found out that at a care home in the area when it’s time for tea one of the helpers sits and reads out items from the local papers and it’s Mr Ward’s amusing letters that score highly and are requested.

Some wonder why, with his forthright amusing approach, he hasn’t been invited to write a piece in the Straight Talk section as I am sure as well as others he could write something amusing to be more uplifting as we need something lighthearted in these dark days.


Great Gonerby