I take issue with rosy micro-light picture

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As a resident of Gedney Dyke, I must take issue with the rosy picture painted by Mr Higgins regarding his activities in the village (Village View, January 17).

His airfield came about in a piece-meal manner, largely by stealth and without any real consultation.

This is why we are now faced with a cacophony of noise (mainly at weekends) from a combination of micro-lights, quad bikes, a gyro-copter and model aircraft (electric, internal combustion and jet propelled).

It is almost impossible to relax in our homes or gardens as the activities go on for up to 12 hours a day in summer and six hours a day in winter. We are driven from our gardens and even our homes. The only respite we get is, ironically, when the weather is bad and they cannot fly.

On Sunday’s even the church bells are drowned out by the dreadful din of the circling micro-lights.

Some of us have been complaining to South Holland District Council for years but they don’t respond and we are largely ignored.

The environment does not belong exclusively to Mr Higgins. There were residents and others living and working in the area long before he and his airfield arrived on the scene. It’s particularly cruel to inflict this racket on those who retired here seeking peace and quiet.

We were led to believe that this was just “one man with a micro-light”, but it has since developed into a whole industry, which (despite claims to the contrary) shows little regard or concern for the rights of others.

The quality of life which we and others enjoyed is being destroyed with astonishing ease and astonishing speed. Indeed, this should serve as a warning to others: never take your quality of life for granted, be ever vigilant!

Joe Cranmer

Roman Bank

Gedney Dyke