I support Polish cultural centre – now we need one for English children

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I read with interest recently about the latest progress and plans of Diana Gajek’s Polish cultural learning centre and its need to expand.

Whilst I do understand the anger and objections from some Spalding residents, I support both her and the centre and, if achieved without over using resources from our local amenities, then the expansion plans too.

This may seem an unexpected opinion from a resident like myself who believes that, in an ideal world, immigration in its generic form should now end. But we don’t live in an ideal world and migration of labour in particular continues until someone has the sense to control it, so we have to approach the situation we’re in by the best way we can.

Every nation has the right to self determination and every individual a right to their ethnicity, so in my opinion, by running the centre in question, Diana is ensuring that the ethnically Polish children, whether arrived here with their parents or born here, remain ethnically Polish by teaching them their own culture and heritage which is a basic right that everyone is entitled to.

Children who are taught to know what their ethnicity is and to be proud of it will be served by more desire to return to Poland as they grow, to benefit their nation with their skills and, in theory, reverse the migration that is presently out of control.

I believe that integration and ethnicity are two separate issues. Integration should not involve trying to make a Polish child English – to do so denies the child their basic right to their Polish ethnicity and would suggest that there is no such thing as an English ethnicity – a situation that is not fair on any child.

Integration, in my view, involves different ethnicities living in acceptance of each others unique cultures and differences whilst also respecting the host nation’s heritage and ways of life – anything else would be cultural assimilation by one to the other, something I do not support in England or anywhere in the world.

Without Diana and her efforts, there would be nowhere in Spalding ensuring the English ethnicity remains so and is respected by working to maintain that all children of Polish ethnicity remain proudly as such.

We just now need someone with the same rational approach and passion as Diana to teach the same cultural values and pride in our English children’s ethnicity – any takers?

Adam McVeigh

Algers Walk