I support play provision for field

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AS an old Moultonian, born in the 1930s and still resident in the village, I feel that I must write with regard to the letters recently submitted by Mr Malkin and Mr Grant about the use of the Harrox field (or part of it) for the use as a play area.

The field always was for the use of the village, as it has been used as the playing field to the Moulton School as far back as I can remember.

Also, the field was used every year for village fetes and any other functions.

As for the swings, slides, roundabouts, etc, that were on the top part of the field, I believe they were acquired from Wicksteed Park by the late Mrs Nellie Nicholls, who lived on High Road, Moulton, until her death several years ago, aged 100.

I am not sure as to who was responsible for the siting of the equipment but I think maybe that was paid for by the parish council.

I have photos taken in the 1950s to prove the play equipment was part of the play area for local children.

Our family no longer have small children, but I would like to think that the young families in the village do have somewhere for the children to play and I support any action that may result in a positive outcome.


Church Lane