I say: ‘Go, Corbo, go’

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Question to all of those who currently oppose the potential development involving the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field.

“How many of you have stepped inside the six foot wall surrounding the site for a recreational reason other than football over the last five years?”

The answer, I guess, would be very few because it is not fully accessible to the wider community of all ages.

If this is what the planned development is suggesting would be created as a replacement somewhere in Spalding, then I am all for it.

If we do not move forward with plans like these to keep shops within Spalding then we are destined to become a ghost town anyway, like so many towns where, when denied permission to build internally, move to the outskirts anyway – as I have witnessed elsewhere.

I feel, given the information currently available, this should provide for the present and the future generations of Spalding – go, Corbo, go.