I object to our money going to the Broad Street Christmas day event

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Having read the article regarding the possible donation of £500 to help hedgehogs, I would like to say that I am in total support of Coun Grocock.

Hedgehogs are in crisis in this country and mainly due to our actions.

We contributed to their demise and therefore should be responsible for helping to save them.

Hedgehogs are well known as the ‘gardener’s friend’ and as a gardener, and an organic one, I welcome the hedgehogs into my garden.

Having worked in a wildlife hospital I have seen first-hand the injuries man has inflicted on our wildlife and have nursed many hedgehogs who have lost limbs through thoughtless strimming, not checking bonfires when set alight so burning them alive and poisoning from slug pellets. The list goes on.

Rachel Donaghue has done a wonderful job taking in injured hedgehogs and other wildlife.

If Coun Gary Taylor can give £400 of my money to Broad Street Methodist Church Christmas Day event, which I object to, why can Coun Grocock not give £500 of my money to help save one of Britian’s valuable wild animals?

We need wildlife and they need us. It is about time we took some responsibility for our actions.

Michele Franks

Holbeach St Johns