I’m highly impressed with John Hayes

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As Mr Clay says (Spalding Guardian, letters page) our local MP John Hayes is always ready to support local causes.

He recently worked with local people to stop an unpopular development in Sutton St Edmund and always fights for our local public services.

We were not sure what to expect from our MP before we met John, but our experience of him has been entirely positive, and he is extremely approachable and open.

Of course, John is a true Conservative, one who has a track record of standing up for things that concern ordinary people, but the real test of a good MP is one who lives locally, who works hard in their constituency and who always tries to help those who contact him.

It’s all too easy to cast sweeping generalisations and take pop-shots from the sidelines, but the real proof comes from challenging your MP directly on local issues and then seeing the response.

I personally have been highly impressed with Mr Hayes and recommend that others contact him as they will not be disappointed.

Jonathan Kamminga

via email