I’m fed up of town centre clipboard brigade

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Nice to see something real happening in Spalding with the news of the Two Lips fundraising idea as reported on the Guardian front page.

But it’s aimed to benefit four local causes in the area which is laudable as I am getting slightly fed up in recent times of being ambushed or pushed off course as I walk around the town centre by folk wearing clipboards.

With assorted ‘causes’ being touted and desiring to ram a ballpoint up my left nostril – the right one is at the menders as I scribble this – and fill a form out to send to my bank to set up a direct debit/standing order so that my monthly ‘donation’ ( I have other words to describe it) can ‘make all that difference’ to somebody I don’t know, never met and am always caught unawares as each time I do not have an atlas on me to fathom out where they could be shacked up on the globe we call the world.

The fact anyone would give their personal bank account details to total strangers on the street beggars belief in itself but I have seen it happen and all the while we are told about the effects of possible identity fraud.

Back to the plot.

The event kicks off on May 14-21 and all being well, subject to not being molested in the town centre by the Clipboard Gangs, I will endeavour to put something together to raise a few bob for it myself.


Moulton Seas End