I’m concerned about road condition

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Is anyone else concerned about the dangerous condition of the road between The Old Radar Station and Postland Station at Chain Bridge Farm? They have now put traffic lights up which has now made it even more dangerous.

I recently contacted the Highways Department with my concerns regarding the condition of the road, cracking, holes, a 9in drop and wire re-enforcements showing through.

I was asked for my ideas. My first suggestion: “Repair the road.” Answer: “I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Second: “Move the traffic lights further apart.” Answer: “Why?”

Third: “Ask someone from your department who’s paid £70,000 a year to come forward with their ideas before someone is seriously njured.”

Answer: “I can’t put that down”

They have taken my details. Have they been in contact? What do you think?

I’m hoping that something will be done very quickly before someone gets seriously injured.

If you are concerned please contact Highways on 01522 782070.

David Barfoot

Shepeau Stow