I’m a retired teacher and struggle in fuel poverty

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Yes, I highly approve of Gary Porter’s proposed pilot scheme for local residents to band together to get a reduced tariff for our energy bills and I would certainly subscribe to it.

I am a retired schoolteacher and, despite having an allegedly ‘king’s ransom’ of a pension, am living in ‘fuel poverty’ where nearly 11 per cent of my income is spent on electricity and gas.

Over the years we have wisely spent our own money investing in full loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, have replaced our old gas central heating boiler with a new, efficient combi boiler, have spent the largest part of my ‘golden handshake’ on double glazing throughout, our light bulbs are all energy-saving low-wattage, have replaced an old gas fire with an open log and coal burning one, have changed our supplier a number of times but yet have seen our energy bills rise relentlessly.

Apart from going around the house in winter in muffler and mittens I’m at a loss as to what else I can do. Did someone say: “Emigrate to Australia” ?

David G Hutchings