I’ll subdue my praise for MP

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While I’m pleased Mr Hayes has a clear view on defence, right now the important big issue is the crisis in Euroland.

What is the current Tory Eurosceptic view, John? Like many other Tory Eurosceptics you seem strangely silent.

I may be wrong but isn’t it a Tory view that “there should be less Britain in Europe, not more” and a referendum on continued membership is desirable as soon as possible?

Well, Tory leader and head of our coalition government Mr Cameron now appears to be saying that “we must do all we can not just to save the euro but to strengthen the European Union” (G8 summit May 19).

If so, then to the old Tory slogan “In Europe but not run by Europe” needs to be added “but terrified of the consequences for Britain if it doesn’t all work out”.

I get the feeling that on this issue none of us, least of all the politicians, has a clue.

So unlike most of your recent correspondents I’ll subdue my praises for Mr Hayes and his like until I see some evidence of coherent and decisive political leadership that doesn’t cost Britain money and loss of sovereignty.

David Turp

Wimberley Way