I have come to hate our once-charming, friendly market town

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I say: ‘We’ve had enough’.

When I first came here over 20 years ago, Spalding was a charming market town, with pleasant and friendly people. I now can say I’ve come to hate the place.

We have a pub that won’t serve the English, Polish shops where the English are not served, and recruiting agencies who will only find employment for immigrants.

Can you imagine the furore if the inhabitants of this town adopted this stance? It would be an infringement of their human rights. But we don’t matter of course.

We have no one to stand up for our rights, and the perpetrators of this behaviour just laugh at our concerns.

Why should they care about rubbish on the river banks, blatantly fishing on Two Plank Lane bridge. After all, who’s to bring them to book. Patrols? Don’t make me laugh. Has anyone been convicted of fishing illegally?

Oh, if you dare to remonstrate with the individuals, they don’t speak English. How convenient, and if they don’t speak English why are they here. Apart from our generous benefits system of course.

What an uproar there will be when it’s discovered just how low stocks of fish have become. But I expect there will be some other stupid excuse, like the ducks disappearing is due to them being run over by cars.

Does anyone really think the public are stupid enough to believe that? (Wonder what wild roast duck tastes like?)

So Spalding, goodness knows we’re not to blame for the sad decline of this town, and in spite of the current campaign, can we really hope that things might change? Yes, when the moon shines blue, and pigs fly.