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In reply to the lady cyclist saying I should get on my bike and see how bad it really is – I have I cycled from Park Road on to Pinchbeck Road turning left into West Elloe Avenue to the Twin Bridges roundabout on to Holbeach Road to Springfields and back.

All this was at peak time 8.45am catching the pen pushers going to work. I also encountered buses and lorries without any problems.

As for pot holes I did not encounter any on my cycling line, only where the drains are situated, but you cycle just outside the perimeter of the drains and you have a very smooth ride.

All the vehicles gave me enough room to carry on my journey. As long as you hold your line and don’t weave in and out of the drains, or they will try and push past, drivers will be patient and wait if there is no room for them to pass, as they did with me. There were cycle paths – one down West Elloe but it was on the wrong side of the road going to Springfields which would cause problems when I got the other end as I need to cross over, and the other on Holbeach Road going towards Springfields but I saw no point in using it as it only goes a short way and comes to an abrupt end next to the roundabout.

On the way back obviously the cycle path near Springfields is now of no use at all as it is the wrong side of the road again forcing the cyclist to cross the road at the end, opposite the very busy Queen’s Road junction and a very busy shop.

The cycle path on West Elloe is now on the right side for me to use but I chose not to as I need to turn right when I reach the lights adjoining Pinchbeck with no clear route of getting their unless I come off the cycle path back into the flow of traffic and onto the road.

This is very annoying and dangerous for both cyclist and driver, or the only other option for those wanting to turn right is to cut across the road before you reach the lights and cycle on the path the other side of the road or cycle over the zebra crossing either way the cyclists are facing danger and now cycling on the path. These pointless two-bit cycle paths are a part of the problems we are encountering today and we would do better to remove them for the safety of the pedestrian the driver and the cyclist.

My opinion still stands – cycle on the road and follow the highway code when in a built-up 30mph area.

I would agree that when travelling by cycle for example from Holbeach to Spalding or vice versa where the speed limit is above 30mph it would certainly be safer to cycle on paths as drivers are more aggressive the faster they drive and these areas between villages and towns are often unlit or poorly lit at night.

Maybe a shared path is the route to take on this all it needs is some signs put up to say so but this is one the council should look at to help keep the cyclist safe.

N Bingham

Park Road, Spalding