I didn’t attack our MP, I just asked why he didn’t back fuel petition

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Mr Thomas (Success of apprenticeships is down to our MP, June 19) has attempted to blow things out of all proportion.

Also, he should respect other people’s opinions and ensure when manipulating other writers’ input that he his not taking it too far.

If Mr Thomas wishes to write biographies on heroes, that is is prerogative, but forward them to a reputed publisher in preference to the Guardian letters page.

Mr Thomas forgot to mention the fuel tax hike petition which was the original query of my letter of June 2, preferring to quote figures.

Figures all but some, that do not read so good for the coalition government. These being namely 2.61million unemployed.

In my letter no real criticism was given on Mr Hayes’ role in the coalition government. But what was questioned was “why can’t Mr Hayes see his way clear to support his constituents in the fuel tax hike petition” as many of his fellow MPs have?

Should this fuel tax increase be applied, a number of his constituents will be caused hardship and even loss of jobs.

John Cook

Long Sutton