I can’t believe they have taken away filter lane

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Having just read the article on Spalding Today, I feel that I have to write about the so-called improvements at the junction of Pinchbeck Road and West Elloe Avenue.

Today the contractors have laid the kerb stones for the island in the middle of the road in West Elloe Avenue.

This is now so large that it means there is no filter lane in West Elloe to turn left into Pinchbeck Road, going towards town. This will mean that the traffic flow down West Elloe will be worse than it was before and traffic will just get snarled up.

Obviously I do not know what the traffic light sequence will be, and how long the lights will be on green for the traffic leaving West Elloe, but a filter lane is needed.

I know what I am talking about as I have lived in West Elloe just a few doors down from the junction for the past 20 years and have to put up with the traffic queues.

I cannot believe they have “improved” the junction yet have taken away the filter lane.

Perhaps you could do an article on this when the junction is completed and ask Lincolnshire County Council why they have taken this away. What reason do they think this is an improvement?

All this junction needed to improve traffic flow was to take away the right turn filter light into West Elloe from Pinchbeck Road.

Traffic was held up because to have four cars or one bus waiting to turn right into West Elloe meant that Pinchbeck Road was blocked and no more vehicles could continue straight on towards Pinchbeck.

As the meerkat says, Simples.

Sally Hook

West Elloe Avenue