I am sick of seeing our lovely market town turned into a filthy and frightening place

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I was disgusted on Friday afternoon when I witnessed from my office window one of our foreign cousins staggering inebriated in the middle of the road, arms outstretched, facing a car that was travelling towards the Crescent.

The car approached slowly and the man refused to move out of the driver’s way. The driver gestured for the man to get on the path but still he stood in his way.

Eventually the frustrated driver held his hand on the horn. The foreign gentleman then walked to the driver’s open window and started being aggressive.

The lady passenger, clearly distressed and frightened, gestured to her partner to continue driving, which he did while the perpetrator continued to yell foreign words loudly and aggressively at him as he drove off.

Alarmed by what we had seen, one of my colleagues called for a PCSO. No-one came, unsurprisingly.

How much longer are the people of Spalding going to have to contend with this sort of behaviour?

I’m not generalising as I’m aware that we have Spalding residents that are work-shy and like to loiter in the town centre drinking, but the pile of bottles and cans at the side of our office all have foreign names.

A hard-working Polish man, for whom I have a great deal of respect, told me recently that in their country, walking slowly in the path of drivers would warrant instant and sometimes brutal arrest and when the ne’er-do-wells arrive in our namby-pamby country they abuse our soft system as a novelty.

They find the freedom liberating!

I am sick of seeing our once-lovely, market town turning into a filthy, frightening place.

Melanie Biggadike