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I see I have been branded a racist. To educate Mr Seal, the word racist means a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

The aim of my letter in Polish and English was to try to bridge an ever-widening gap whereby local residents constantly and justifiably complain about the state of Spalding, but that those responsible for some of it never have the chance to come into print to agree or disagree.

I am pleased to see the responses to my letter, especially from a Polish resident, Mr Kowalski and a timely comment from the editor.

It seems Mr Kowalski is unhappy about the way Spalding has become. If this is true of the Polish and other eastern European residents then there is a common bond. So why is Spalding like it is?

Put simply, we are governed by sheepish, out-of-touch politicians of all persuasions (especially in the EU) whose attempts at law-making have resulted in the Spalding we now live in. Even if everyone in Spalding supported the ‘We’ve Had Enough’ campaign by this fine newspaper, the end result is it goes to our MP John Hayes whose hands are so tightly bound by his own party that nothing can be done by him.

Since national governments and the EU have failed in their duty of care, I call on South Holland District Council to create local policy for ALL local people of ALL nationalities in the form of by-laws to rid this town of its grot-spots, its badly behaved yobs, its drinks establishments with disasterous drinks policies run by “get-rich-quick” owners, and its unsavoury locals.

You are the last hope we have. If you as a council let us down, then Spalding in ten years time will be like the north London I left nine years ago. What you may or may not do now will reverberate around this fine town for years to come.

Alan Long

St Thomas’ Road