I am actually ashamed of my own council

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How on earth anyone could come up with such a bizarre idea as moving Long Sutton’s library – perhaps for a small market town the flagship library of the whole county – beats me.

At present our much-loved library has parking space, good access for people with difficulties, and ample space inside.

The proposal to move it to the Market House, much loved as that place is, defies logic. It is difficult to park near to Market House, the building is far from simple to get around inside, and it provides no easy access for people with problems.

What bothers me most, though, is the instruction which was given to people that the suggestion was “confidential”! What has happened to openness? What about localism and the “Big Society”? What about consultation?

I chaired a task group looking into relations between parish and town councils and the county council only a couple of years ago. Secretive actions like this go towards undoing the good work done since Martin Hill took over as leader a number of years ago.

Clearly any officers recommending this cannot have visited Long Sutton?

For the first time in my seven years as a county councillor, I am deeply ashamed of them. All power to the people of Long Sutton and surrounding villages


Bridge Road

Sutton Bridge