How great heaven is our destination

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Thought For The Week

Christmas is often seen by the world-at-large to be the supreme Christian festival. Wrong. That accolade belongs to Easter!

How so? Because Easter is the reason Jesus was born. The Son of God left heaven’s glory to come amongst us not simply to heal, teach and perform miracles.

He came to give His life on the cross that we might be forgiven all the ‘bad stuff’ of our lives.

Just as you may have pushed a wonky shopping trolley in the supermarket that seems to have a mind of its own, so in us there is that bias towards the wrong – we need forgiveness!

Easter is also supreme because Christians celebrate the truth Jesus rose from the dead. ‘He is risen!’ is the cry that rings around the world on Easter Sunday, and the promise is that all who believe in Him will also rise to life eternal with Him in glory. He has blazed the trail for us to follow.

Try and sweep it under the carpet, death is a reality, the ultimate statistic being one out of one die.

How great to know then that heaven is our destination if we have asked Jesus to be our Saviour! Have you?

Rev Anthony Walker

Minister of Spalding Baptist Church