How can they justify selection of works for arts exhibition?

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It would be interesting to hear from the judges what criteria were used when selecting works for the recent Open Arts Exhibition at the South Holland Centre in Spalding.

Leaving aside the quality of the exhibits, how can they justify selecting three entries from some exhibitors and none from others?

I understand that a large number of artists submitted their work. With limited hanging space, and in order to portray the wide variety of artistic ability in the area, it would obviously be preferable to limit each exhibitor to one example, Did the judges approach their task with entirely open minds?

Having viewed art exhibitions for many years, both in London and elsewhere, I appreciate the wide spectrum of work that now comes within the term “art”. Some of the work at the recent exhibition is excellent and could hold its own anywhere.

Strangely enough, the very best art seems to be from the most unassuming artists, for instance Dennis Ottaway’s subtle Winter Fog, for which he asked only £50, was one of the best in the exhibition.

I also liked Julie Briggs’ Bees and Shirley Bell’s Mind Games. On the other hand, From the Wings and He Jumps he Flies are among the most inept efforts to convey the movement of dance that I have ever seen.

I don’t know any of the exhibitors or the judges, although I have read the CVs of the latter on the programme. Would any of them care to comment?

J Shakespeare