How can they advocate urban sprawl like this?

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There is at this moment a planning application being put forward by Ashley King Developments Ltd for 34 “affordable homes for local people”.

This includes six football pitches (yes six pitches for little old Holbeach – that’s probably more than Peterborough has).

The proposal is for Penny Hill Road. This area is outside the Holbeach Development Boundary Area and is on agricultural land and yet Holbeach Parish Council and Coun Nick Worth seem to be in favour of it.

How on earth can the supposed representatives of the local people advocate urban sprawl of this nature?

It flies in the face of all reasoning – designated building areas are there for a purpose.

I understand that the parish council along with other interested parties wants a football academy of excellence where, I assume, they want to produce a range of mini Beckhams (why are these places now called academies? Even our local secondary school is an academy).

What I would rather see in our local town is areas of excellence in cleanliness. This would include outside the University Academy Holbeach, the Holbeach river and the Penny Hill Road underpass. Now that would be something that Holbeach could be proud of.

I would also ask the parish council and Coun Worth why you did not approach those people who live near to the proposed development and therefore would be adversely affected, as to our opinions. You are there to represent all local people. We in the Penny Hill Road area await your responses.


Cherry Tree Lane


PS Affordable homes for local people – does this mean those who were born here or those who have lived here for at least ten years and have local employment?