How are they funded?

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As the Police and Crime Commissioner elections draw closer I have a question I would like to put to all the candidates. How are you funding your campaign?

My concern arises following the Sunday Politics show last weekend when a throwaway line from the reporter indicated that one of the independent candidates (Mervyn Barrett) in Lincolnshire had significant donors supporting his campaign, but the source of the donors was not revealed.

I do not support the politicisation of the PCC post and would like to select an independent commissioner with no political affiliations but I am concerned that I cannot find out who is funding the independent candidates before I cast my vote.

In many ways undisclosed donors and sponsors of an independent candidate are worse than candidates supported by a political machine.

I want to be sure the person I elect does not have support from organisations I might disagree with or indeed have some other motive for supporting the individual.

So, who is helping the independents fund what is an expensive campaign with a £5,000 deposit and no publicly funded candidate information?

Phil Scarlett

Woolram Wygate