HOUSING: Swarming, but not teeming!

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It would appear that I have disturbed a hornet’s nest with my comments on March 25 about the area of land proposed for the development in Wardentree Lane, Pinchbeck.

Hornets were not included in Mr Williams’ letter of April 8, but if I had lived in one place in a similar location for 30 years I’m sure I could draw up such a seemingly compelling list – perhaps hornets are one of his “unseen insects”.

I’m sure that at one time or another all of the individual animals and birds he listed have visited this field – I could say the same about my garden which backs on to open fields. Mr Williams seems to have missed the point of my first letter which simply took issue with the exaggerated language and assumptions that were made. If he had read my letter more carefully and objectively he would see that I did not say there was no wildlife in this field.

My understanding of the word “teeming” is clearly different from his – we’ll have to agree to disagree. I’ll stick with the dictionary definition (swarming), and for his information, I live about 200 yards or so from the area in question.

However, I can empathise with his comments about speeding in the area and the hazardous process of entering or leaving one’s driveway. This situation applies equally to Spalding Road in Pinchbeck. Perhaps when Spalding Road becomes a 30mph zone in the near future the police might bother to practise some speed enforcement – a task which they apparently have little or no interest in carrying out at present. Many motorists, and motorcyclists, completely disregard the 40mph speed limit and treat the road like a racetrack, especially at weekends.

Should this development ultimately be approved (incidentally, a matter about which I am totally ambivalent ), then Lincolnshire Highways may well have justification in similarly reducing the 40mph speed limit on Wardentree Lane down to 30mph.

If nothing else, letters to the press on this subject will hopefully stimulate further local debate on the issues involved.

I hope the final outcome is the right one – whatever that might be.

Tom Bester